Our Philosophy

Our standard program used the physical techniques and principles to help us understand the spiritual battles each person faces, as described in the Bible. Therefore, each belt rank has a theme that highlights certain truths that are important for a person to walk in the victory that Jesus Christ intends for His people.

Our program uses the martial art training to illustrate, remind, and teach the truths for being a disciple of Christ, living in the spiritual triumph He desires to see in the lives of His people.

At Karate Plus we invite you to attend 2 free classes to meet our instructor(s), students and see the program in action. You will be provided additional materials that further explain our development, goals, fees, ranking system, etc.


To schedule an appointment for a visit, please call me (Ken) at 719 687-1436 or e-mail me at: karate_plus@hotmail.com.


Please see the other sheets in this section for further details.